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Baby On Board

I can teach you to drive with your child in the back seat…

I understand that when it comes to learning to drive while you have a baby or small child it can be really difficult. You have to consider getting someone to baby sit, that person may let you down at the last minute and it can all get a bit too much. However you are welcome to bring your baby on board I have been teaching parents with babies and small children to drive for several years now. Yes, children can be taken on the lesson! At times it can be difficult for a parent to find a babysitter and actually this is a great solution and a fantastic training opportunity in a controlled environment. On occasions we have even had to stop the car for a quick nappy change. It’s all good practice for you because when you have passed your test you may need to do this quite often!

It can be very stressful driving with your child in the car. While you are concentrating on the road, your “bundle of fun” is trying to break the local noise pollution limits!

I will share with you some excellent coping strategies that allow you to learn and drive while your baby or child is in the back seat. The first lesson will start with us installing the baby seat in my car. As you know some instructions can be confusing to understand so I’ll help if needed. Then we get in the car and start the lesson which can be very flexible (i.e. manouvres or more general driving skills) depending whether “baby” is awake or asleep. If this sounds ideal for you, pick up the phone and give me a call.

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