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No Lesson Cancellation Fee

Unlike other driving schools if you need to cancel your lesson at very short notice there is no cancellation fee

Are you able to give anyone notice when you are going to be ill?  Of course not! What usually happens is you go to bed feel a bit iffy and you wake up with a sore throat or a temperature and you are just not able to take your driving lesson. Most driving schools demand 24 hours notice and some even ask for 48 hours notice……how does that work if your lesson is in a few hours time? So you can end up paying for a 2 hour lesson that you can’t take because you are ill.     Are you able to give anyone notice if:

  • Work calls you in at the last minute?
  • Your assignment is due and you have lost the last 2000 words on your laptop?
  • You have an unexpected family emergency?
  • Your nerves and anxiety are through the roof today and you just can’t face a driving lesson today?

All I ask is that you give me as much notice as you can (even 1 hour) One of the key reasons I do not charge for cancellations is that I have a list of pupils waiting for a text message to be offered a last minute cancellation lesson. (This doesn’t always work but that is the risk I’m prepared to take for the pupils with a genuine committment to learn to drive).    

No Formal Terms and Conditions to sign However if I believe a pupil is taking advantage of my good nature, I will have no hesitation in replacing them with another pupil off my waiting list who has already showed me their committment to driving (by agreeing to wait a few weeks to start with me).

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