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Driving In The Snow

As it snows when it wants to, I can obviously make no promises about snow driving lessons.

In over 10 years I have never cancelled a lesson due to the snow.

Driving in bad weather is “snow joke”, if you have never been trained or had the practice.


Some pupils and parents are surprised when I turn up for a driving lesson in bad weather, but particularly the snow. I have never cancelled a driving lesson in over 10 years for bad weather conditions (or illness).

It’s the perfect time to give inexperienced learners the invaluable opportuntiy to be taught how to control a car on frozen icy roads.

While you are learning you will have a driving Instructor qualified to teach the Police Advanced Driving techniques “Roadcraft” sitting right next to you.

As can be seen from the photos on this page these lessons can cover:

  • Beverley (day and night)
  • Country Lanes (planning and awareness)
  • Defensive Driving (to avoid skid control being needed)
  • Lazaat’s Hill (speed control – up and down the hill)
  • Even bay parking (with no lines) in preparation for a test


For any pupils or parents feeling very apprehensive about these lessons please note I still have a 10+ years no claims bonus with my insurance company. Now on a sensible note rest assured that the lessons are generally at low speed due to the nature of the road conditions.

But don’t worry, if you do not want to drive in the snow, plenty of others will !



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