The Triple Guarantee

I would like to offer you my TRIPLE GUARANTEE when joining my driving school. I’m the first driving school in the Beverley Area to offer this and, at the moment, the only driving school !!

  • Money Back Guarantee
  • Pass Promise
  • 2 Year Driving Lesson Warranty

Joining my driving school is perhaps the easiest choice you can make. Let me share with you all you need to know about my Triple Guarantee, why it takes any stress out of learning and why it’s going to help you become a safe driver…

I have learnt that learner drivers like you don’t just want to pass their driving test. You also:

  • want to be sure you enjoy your lessons
  • want to feel safe during your lessons
  • don’t want to feel you are having unnecessary lessons
  • would love to be able to pass first time
  • think you might forget how to drive (by the time you are lucky enough to drive on your own)
  • feel a bit worried about driving a different car (to the one you learnt in)

With all of that in mind I have constructed my TRIPLE GUARANTEE to meet these expectations of your learning to drive experience.


Money Back Guarantee

Despite my excellent track record of helping people get their driving licence, I am still an unknown quantity to you and when you join any driving school there is an element of financial risk. So I want to take all of that risk away from you and say this: if you are unhappy with the lesson you are on or the one you have just completed (as long as you let me know within 24 hours of the lesson finishing) that you are not satisfied, I will refund you for that lesson.

At that point I will replace you with a pupil off my waiting list and you will continue your training with another instructor. If in the event of a block booking the money returned to you will be the cost of the block booking less the price of the lessons already taken prior to you asking for your money back.


Pass Promise

Wouldn’t it be great if I could promise you will pass your driving test at first attempt?

While I do make every effort to ensure you do have the best chance of passing first time, I am not the driver on the day – that’s you – or the DVSA examiner. However, I can make this promise to you: if you complete my learning program and fail your first test, I will pay for the second test. That’s a pretty confident promise don’t you think?

The terms and conditions for the Pass Promise are designed with your safety in mind:

  • You have to complete (at least) 40 hours of training with me. The average number of hours to pass the driving test according to the DVSA is 47 hours, as you can see I am not asking you to drive more hours – it’s actually 17% less !!
  • You will have a regular 2 hour lesson every week. Unless this isn’t possible due to: exams, holidays, illness and family emergencies.
  • For your 1st test you pay the fee to me and I will book your test (at the Hull Test Centre). In the event that you are unsuccessful on the day, I will re-book your test (at the Hull Test Centre) at no cost to you. (Any further tests are then paid for by you)
  • Between 1st and 2nd driving test you will have to complete (at least) 6 additional hours of training. This is typically:  2 hour lesson, 1 week before test; 2 hour lesson night before test; and 2 hours on the day including your test.


2 Year Driving Lesson Warranty

Having asked lots of my pupils a few months (or even a year) after they passed their driving test “How was their driving going?” I found that many of my pupils were unable to start driving straight away for a variety of reasons. When they did start driving they felt a bit rusty and very nervous about not having an instructor next to them. Also their car was always different to mine, usually being somewhat older, a different make/model and it felt different to drive. Some former pupils said “They wished I was available for them to talk to” and a few had the misfortune of a small bump or a scary moment.

So I now offer ex-pupils a free 2 hour refresher lesson within 2 years of passing their driving test. It works like this:

  • We use your car which is fuelled by you and the car is road legal. Nervous pupils can start in my car and switch after 1 hour into their own car for the 2nd hour.
  • We choose a date, time and location to suit both of us, and the refresher lesson covers anything that is worrying you. It is designed to make you feel safe and comfortable in your own car.
  • It is not a substitute for the Pass Plus course or motorway lessons which can be provided but at a charge.

When you get a hold of your first car you may want me to join you the first time you drive it…now that’s an idea !

If overall the TRIPLE GUARANTEE answers your question of “Is this the right driving school for me?”

Pick up the phone, give me a call today.